Quick restart guide for the RCT


L. Strolger Feb 19, 2012

This is a set of instructions for restarting the RCT after the event of a power loss. All computers should turn themselves on once power is restored. The system computer (rct) and the camera controller (oculus) have routines that must be opened and reset. This procedure is mostly for doing a remote restart, but the instructions are more or less the same at the telescope.

  1. Starting the camera and guider control daemons on oculus. Oculus runs windows and must be accessed via Remote Desktop Connection, or something similar. Open a connection to (must be on an accessible subnet, like in TCCW). 
    1. Use the normal rct login.
    2. Once the Windows desktop appears, open the two shortcuts 'shortcut to relectrim.exe' and 'shortcut to rleach.exe'. Both must be opened. They should open two black terminals with white lettering.
  2. Starting the telco daemons, the first time. This is the first start of the telco daemons, to set some parameters. 
    1. SSH to rct@ using the normal rct login.
    2. type 'startnet' to start the daemons
  3. Reset the rleach camera parameters. This includes setting the chip heater to keep the temperature nominal. It may take a few hours for the temperature to return to normal.
    1. tx ccd_setup reset
    2. tx ccd_setup tim
    3. tx ccd_setup util
    4. tx ccd_setup pon
    5. tx ccd_setup amp=C
    6. tx ccd_setup tgain=10000
    7. tx ccd_setup tadu=3162
  4. Home all telescope encoders. In a RCT terminal, type the following:
    1. tx home2 fw1 fw2 x y z #(homes filterwheels and guider stage)
    2. tx home focus #(takes a while)
    3. tx home ha dec
    4. tx home dome
  5. After all is homed, restart the telescope daemons. 
    1. Type 'show proc' and kill all the pids.
    2. Type 'startnet' to get them all going again, and to have the correct zero-pointing correction fed to the pointing model.