Welcome to the new RCT Consortium Blog!


I thought that it might be nice if there was a place where I could regularly post about the happenings at the telescope and anything else RCT-related.

My aim is to post in this blog at least once a week to keep everyone updated on how the telescope is performing.

The type of items I will be posting on:

  • Current telescope stats (good observing nights, images taken etc)
  • Any observing issues
  • Conferences/Meetings
  • Pretty pictures
  • etc!

Please send me your feedback – I want to make this blog as useful as possible!





5 thoughts on “Welcome to the new RCT Consortium Blog!

  1. Lou Strolger

    Looking good. We should soon update the information on the Broadband filters.

    Could you create a link, preferably at the top bar, to the original “Consortium Business” page, with information on putting in requests, exposure times, and various documentation (http://rct.wku.edu/kittpeak/)?

  2. Lou Strolger

    The telescope was down from 03:02 to 03:41 UT on 2012-02-24 to address an issue with the focus. The focus algorithm was adjusted.

  3. Richard Gelderman

    It is wonderful to have a regularly updated front page for the website. It makes it much more clear to the world that we are continuously active.

    However, I am not sure a Blog is what we need, since Blogs are written by one person rather than being collaborative. I also feel that the Consortium might want to share information amongst members without that information being available to anyone who looks at the website. For instance, I’d like to see a “buglist” maintained but don’t want the buglist visible to the whole world.

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