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The Great White Spot

Table 3.14: Great White Spot Specifications
Drawing: RCT001/7
EOS Drawing: Sch-4025-1 and SCH-4030-1
Position: HA=74 Dec=11 Az=0
High Amplifier: Amp 6
Low Amplifier: Amp 7
Controller: PMAC#14 and #15 respectively
Lamps: MR16 style four in series of each type
  High: 12V 50W Solux 9YD
  Low: 12V 35V Solux 9D

The Great White Spot (GWS) can be operated by the command gws (see Section 5.4.5) or domeflat (see Section 5.4.1.

Figure 3.21: Photo of the GWSlights mounted on a ring around the focus.
Image GWSlights

Figure 3.22: Photo of the Great White Spot (GWS)
Image DomeFlat

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