Monthly Archives: September 2012

Update on the RCT– UPS installed.

The new UPS has finally been fully installed, and is operating. After checkout tonight, the telescope is workable with two important exceptions.

The mirror compressor is not working, and the mirror appears to be resting on its supports. Brevin installed a new capacitor in the unit on saturday, so it is surprising that the compressor is failing again so soon.

The dewar is not cooling as it should, likely due to the lack of vacuum in the dewar. This is expected since the polycold unit has been off for some time.

I’ve sent requests to KPNO and to Bruce Cook to have evacuate the dewar and look at the compressor, which I hope one or the other can get to sometime this week. The telescope scheduler is off until these can be resolved.

Update on UPS situation

The new UPS was delivered on Saturday, 10/15. However, Brevin was unable to finish the installation due to other scheduling issues. Bruce tells me that they will go up again in the next few days, this saturday at the latest. The capacitor in the mirror support compressor has also failed and will be replaced when they return this week.