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Quick Scheduling Primer

Here are my notes and several screenshots collected together to assist people in adding their targets to the RCT queue. Please note that this is a work in progress and all comments and suggestions are welcomed.

The Robotically Controlled Telescope (RCT) at Kitt Peak, Arizona can be operated in both a scripted semi-automated and a fully automated or schedule mode. The most useful mode for people who want to simultaneously obtain data and get a good nights sleep (such as myself) is to use the fully automatic mode by adding their targets to the RCT's scheduler. This scheduler has many options which allows the user to specify exactly how they want their observations taken. However this does result in a rather complex and sometimes non-intuitive process.

As always if you have any problems or questions you can contact either myself ( or Dr Strolger (


Louis-Gregory Strolger 2012-01-09